How to Create an Affiliate Site

The first thing an affiliate does to create a website has nothing to do with technology.

Success does not come from picking a webhost or web-design layout.

In fact, the first step has very little to do with technology.

The first step is by far the most important for a person learning how to create an affiliate site.

An affiliate first must plan to succeed.

No matter how “perfect” an idea can be for an affiliate site, the best affiliate marketers create a blueprint to follow.

By creating a plan and analyzing the success factors, an affiliate sets themselves up for long-term success.

Learning how to create an affiliate site by laying out a high-level plan is the first step to profitable online income.

There are four critical items affiliates need to consider ;

1) Passion

The best affiliate marketers are very good at tapping into their passion.

By creating a website about something they know (or are willing to learn), they bring a tremendous level of credibility to their articles.

People can sense how well an affiliate marketer knows their topic.

When an affiliate gives a “been there done that” feel to an article, the result is a much higher click-through rate to the recommended product.

The direct result of more click-throughs, is more affiliate sales.

Affiliates that know how to create an affiliate site with passion have a leg up on their competitors.

2) Supply and Demand

How many people are looking for information within a niche (demand)? How many websites are already providing information for that niche (supply)?

The best way to assess supply and demand is to analyze the “keyword phrases” people are searching for.

A keyword phrase is the search phrase people type into the search engines while they are looking for something online.

Examples of keywords for the fishing niche could include; how to catch fish, how to fillet fish, best fishing equipment, where to catch fish and fly fishing strategies.

The Google Keyword Tool shows affiliates exactly what phrases people are searching for on the internet every day.

By using the Google Keyword Tool, an affiliate enters the “top of the niche” phrase into the tool.

Google then brings back hundreds of keywords related to that niche.

Each keyword could become the core of an article on their “soon to be website”.

(Note: top of the niche is the most general term used to describe a niche. Example; “Fishing” would be the top of the fishing niche. “Bass fishing” drills down a second layer. “Bass fishing equipment” a third layer – and so on).

You can sort by global monthly searches, local monthly searches and competition.

If a keyword phrase that Google came back with has a very high search number, enter that phrase into the search box and search that secondary phrase.

It will bring back even more words the first search didn’’t come up with. Continue to do this with other high demand phrases.

Look at the example below on the Fishing niche.

By typing “fishing” into the search box, Google comes back with hundreds of keywords related to fishing.

This is a reflection of what the most common search items on the internet are by people looking for information on fishing. By looking at each phrase, affiliates can assume what the person is looking for – and provides an article to satisfy the person’s needs.

Our job as affiliate marketers is to provide an answer to the information they are seeking – one keyword phrase at a time.

Each affiliate article is designed to “intercept” the people searching for information.

Once intercepted, affiliates can provide information and then send them off to a vendor website (in search of a commission).

Generally speaking, longer tail keywords (3 words in the phrase or more) are much easier to win and easier to estimate what the person is searching for.

By focusing on “answering the question” the person is looking for, your conversion rate will be higher.

For example it is much easier to assume what a person is searching for if they type “fishing boats for sale” versus just “fishing”.

Finding long tail keywords with searches over 1000 are usually a solid formula for success.

What Programs to Promote

It is critical for an affiliate marketer to select programs that match their niche.

There are thousands of different affiliate programs to be promoted.

Make sure you do your diligence before you select a program.

You want to make sure it provides value to not only you, but to your visitors as well.

Look at competitors

One good way to learn how to create an affiliate site is to look at other websites in the same niche.

An affiliate can learn a lot by taking a few moments to analyze what a would-be competitor has done.

Things to look at are;

The key thing affiliates need to remember is they are not creating just a website.

They are creating a small business – something that will ultimately drive revenue for them.

The most shrewd business owners put a plan together before they put a shovel in the ground.

Affiliate marketing is no different.