How To Do Affiliate Marketing With A Blog

For those who are in search of ways on how they can monetize their blog, then they should give affiliate marketing through blogging a try.

Blogs with high quality contents easily attract loyal readers because these people benefit from the useful contents being offered.

This encourages the readers to trust the creator, as well as the writer of the blog, and eventually turn into loyal followers.

Likewise, an author’s blog post is also an ideal place to promote products and services without compromising the integrity of the content.

Without further ado, here’s how you can earn a good amount of cash with affiliate marketing through blogging.

1. Choose Services and Products You Are Going to Focus on

Even though there’s no limit on how many products you’re allowed to promote as an affiliate, it’s always advisable to concentrate on one or few main products and try to promote these aggressively.

Consider these products as the main source of your affiliate revenue, that even if you barely earn from other affiliate programs, you’ll feel confident that you’re earning more from this.

If you’ll prioritize on certain products, you can easily guarantee success, because this is where your main focus will be.

Likewise, you can use these products as your inspiration when deciding on what type of content you’re going to publish on your blog, the blog design, and what to include in newsletters that will be sent to subscribers.

The main products should follow these criteria if possible:
– A product or service that you have already tried before.
– An in demand product or service.
– Comes from a company that offers high payout to affiliates (not really necessary, but worth a try.

2. Collect Email Addresses as Much as You Can

One of the most effective ways to generate income through affiliate marketing is with the help of an email list.

Although it’s really possible to make good money through affiliate links being posted in contents, as well as other locations, it’s also ideal to consider an email list to make a lot of sales.

When someone subscribes to an email list, you’ll be able to keep in touch with them and develop trust through emails.

Thus, whenever you promote products or services to your subscribers, there’s a high chance that they’ll trust your recommendations because of the relationship you have created with them.

3. Promote the Main Products Strategically

Your success in affiliate marketing will greatly depend on how and where you’re going to promote these products.

In order to maximize clicks on your sales, affiliate links, and income, you have to promote your affiliate products to where they’ll be easily seen by your target audience.

Popular locations, include the header bar, within the content, end of the posts, and even at the beginning of your posts.

Also, the sidebar banners and promotions don’t really receive much attention at all, because a lot of visitors have the habit of tuning out the side bar and they barely notice what is being advertised there.

4. It’s Not Advisable to Rely on Banner Ads

A lot of bloggers believe that banner ads can help in generating income as an affiliate.

This isn’t true at all.

Although banners can generate some sales and click, they’re not as effective as other types of promotions available.

On the other hand, the affiliate links that are included in the blog post content will usually outperform these banners.

Likewise, links within emails that are set up through autoresponder are also better than banner ads.

We’re not saying that you shouldn’t use banner ads at all.

However, don’t solely rely on this and ensure that you have other ways to promote your affiliate products.

5. Review Products

In order to promote specific products as an affiliate, you should consider writing and publishing product reviews whenever you can.

Through this, you’ll be sharing your own personal experience and opinions about the product.

Be honest and mention the pros and cons, if the product is good quality, and if you’ll recommend it to your readers.

Reviews are one of the best methods to generate traffic, because a lot of people usually look at product reviews before they buy a product.

There you have it.

These are just some of the ways on how you can use your blog in affiliate marketing.

So, what are you waiting for?

Start now and establish a reputation, before you know it, you’re already enjoying a passive income!