How To Choose The Right Web Hosting Company

Learning How to Choose the Right Web Hosting Company

The Internet has revolutionized the world and if you want to take advantage of all the Internet has to offer then you will need to create a website.

Prior to building a website,  you will need to select the right web hosting company.

We provide you with helpful tips on how to choose the right web hosting company but in order to do that we have to first spend a few moments learning how the Internet works.

Understanding How the Internet Works

In order to fully understand the benefits provided by a web hosting company we have to look at how the Internet works but don’t worry we are not going to use technical jargon.

At the most basic level the Internet is a series of interconnected computers.

The computer you are using to read this right now is one of billions that are connected to each other via a conduit we refer to as the Internet.

When you open up an Internet browser whether it is Google Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge which are three (3) of the most common Internet browsers in the market.

An Internet browser is a piece of software that will let you access the Internet.

When you type in a website address those letters are converted into numbers that are used to identify a particular website.

These numbers are commonly referred to as the I.P. Address but for the sake of convenience think of them as telephone numbers.

Your Internet browser contacts a domain name server (DNS) which tells your browser where to find the website in question.

Once your Internet browser knows where on the Internet this website is stored it will contact the computer “hosting” the website.

The computer that has the website you want to access is commonly referred to as a “server”.

These servers are computers like the one you are using now but it has tremendous amounts of memory and processing power.

How Servers and Web Hosting Companies Work Together

As we just covered a server is a very powerful computer that is designed to house your website.

Each time a person like you or me tries to access the website it will take up system resources much like when you have too many tabs open on your Internet browser, if you have too many people accessing your website at the same time it will lead to slowdowns and in some cases the inability to access the website at all.

In order to reduce the risk of this happening what an individual will need to seek out a web hosting company that has the necessary infrastructure in place.

A hosting company will provide a server with access to the Internet, right now you are accessing the Internet through a company and the server housing your website will also need access to the Internet.

The connection speed needed for the server will need to be stable and very fast to meet the needs of people who want to access a particular website at any given time.

These hosting companies let individuals like you and me have websites on the Internet.

If we had to purchase our own servers and build a hardwire connection to the Internet, it would be prohibitively expensive so these hosting companies let us rent space in their servers and the ability to access the Internet for a modest fee (we will go into pricing out web hosting services in a little bit).

The reason the web hosting company can charge lower prices is they work on volume sometimes referred to as an “economy of scale” where multiple users share the costs and benefits.

Now that you have a general idea of how the Internet works we can start looking at what makes a great web hosting company.

Selecting a Suitable Web Hosting Company

Now that you have a basic understanding of how the Internet works we can start looking at web hosting companies.

According to our most recent research, there are over 5,000 web hosting companies out there to choose from and that number continues to grow.

There is no realistic way to assess all of them but we will identify some of the most important features you have to focus on.

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Pricing is Not Everything

The majority of individuals out there will focus on pricing and while that is important you should only look at pricing once you have reviewed the other variables.

Start by finding out whether you are going to be getting a “shared” or “dedicated” server.

Remember when we talked about servers? The more hardware resources the server has the faster it will meet the needs of visitors to your website.

With a dedicated server you will get just that a dedicated server with all of the processing power, however, that comes at a premium. What individuals do when starting out is sign up for a “shared hosting plan” where the resources of a server are shared among multiple websites.

Since the resources are shared the costs are shared so it costs less per month.

Unless you are expecting huge volumes of traffic or dealing with E-commerce then you should be able to get by with a shared server.

Aside from reviewing the different types of the server, the next step is looking at the total amount of bandwidth that your hosting company is going to provide.

Bandwidth is the total amount of data that your website can utilize in a month.

Each time a person accesses your website there is data sent back and forth and that takes bandwidth, the more people who use the website the more bandwidth you need.

While a significant number of companies offer unlimited bandwidth that is not always the case so it is something to take into consideration.

Uptime Can Make or Break an Online Business

This is one of the most important variables to look at when screening web hosting companies.

Uptime is a metric used to measure the total amount of time a web hosting company provides service and is rated in percentage.

For example, a website with a 99.99% uptime rating is superior to a company that has a 99.9% uptime rating.

If you are not running a website that sells products or services, then that rating is not a huge deal but if you are selling products/services or get large volumes of traffic then look for web hosting companies that have the highest uptime rating possible.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

When you have identified the web hosting companies that meet your preliminary requirements of uptime and pricing you will need to look at some additional items before making a firm decision.

Find out how long the web hosting company has been in operation, you want to deal with an organization that has been around for many years.

The reason you should only deal with well-established companies is to protect yourself from having no hosting service at all.

If you signed up with a newer firm and they ran into financial problems, they could go out of business leaving you scrambling to try and find a suitable replacement.

When you have the names of a few well-established web hosting companies it is time to find out what additional services they provide.

Do they offer services like Cpanel which will let you get full use of your hosting package?

While Cpanel does take some practice it will give you a wide range of features to help you get the most from the hosting package.

All of these variables will have a direct impact on your user experience so it is something to pay close attention to before you make any decisions.

This would be an ideal time to start looking at whether the web hosting company you are reviewing has great customer support and tutorials that provide step-by-step instructions on how to use their services.

The majority of us are not well versed on how to use a web hosting plan and since each company is distinct in how they provide these services it would be in your best interest to iron out those details before you do anything else.

After you have selected the web hosting company that does have the best range of features, services and pricing you should try to find discounts.

The more well-established firms will have ongoing promotions that offer you deals on items like domain names, Whois Privacy and additional perks but the onus is on you to find these special promotions.

The Internet is a great resource and now that you know how to select the right web hosting company you can take full advantage of what the Internet has to offer.

What you will need to do is spend some time thinking about what you want to accomplish on the Internet, once you have a clear vision of what you want to do then it is time to take action while you have the opportunity.